That's A. Moret


A self described four-eyed writer A. Moret lives her life behind a pair of tortoise shell lenses staring at a blank page, considering the weight of the word, and embracing doubt and inspiration.

A Moret

A. Moret demonstrates a keen sensitivity to art objects and the creative forces behind them.  In pursuit of inquiry her position as theCo-Founder and Literary Director of Installation Media and Editor-in-Chief of Installation Magazine grants her access to artist studios, gallery spaces, and everywhere in between. A native Angeleno, A.Moret has developed a love affair with her city which she sees as being built upon illusion resting on the cataclysmic shoulders of the past and present.  Her work investigates LA artists and their work through an unbiased and curious lens.  In her rigorous investigation, she hopes to shed a new light on faces that might otherwise get lost in the emerging art world.

Moret investigates art both analytically and intellectually, thanks in part to her degree in Mass Communication and Theory from the Annenberg School of Communication at USC.  Her area of study also focused on Art History and took her to Tuscany to study cathedrals drenched in tradition, and art works that can never be fully realized when viewed on a projector in a lecture hall.  Her writing practice sends her to every corner of Los Angeles (and often beyond its perimeters) to speak with artists, gallery owners, musicians, writers, photographers, and creatives.  Moret's work has been published in Art Scene, Art Works, Art LTD, ARTINFO, Art Slant, Blue Canvas, Flaunt, For Your Art, the Huffington Post, the Los Angeles Times, Whitehot Magazine and elsewhere.   A.'s work gives a voice to art objects that are sources of public fascination, inquiry, and obscurity.