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A. Moret - Writer and Art Critic

Danielle Eubank- Art Scene (February 2009)

Expedition artist Danielle Eubank’s show “Oil on Water” currently exhibiting at the Found Gallery, is a meditation of her voyage on an 8th Century AD Phoenician vessel called the Borobudur, a ship that traveled for 10 months and 10,000 miles.  The show features work from her travels to Indonesia, the Mediterranean, the North American West Coast and Africa.  Eubank returned to the States with scrolls of oil on linen that delicately capture the natural undulation of bodies of water around the world.  Her works reflects sensitivity to the natural, fleeting and unpredictable quality of water.  The works are named after each location Eubank visited and when viewed in the gallery one associates particular colors to distinct geography.  Jakarta Marina VI captures a rich sun drenched marina whose colors extends beyond the frame of the linen and pour onto the sides of the frame, mimicking our peripheral vision when viewing a large body of water. Bristol Waters III appears a dichotomy in a gallery full of lush color as Eubank captures the dreary British climate.  Eubank follows in the Impressionist oeuvre; to paint is to capture color and light.