That's A. Moret


A. Moret - Writer and Art Critic

Lisa Adams- Artillery (March 2009)

The Future of Paradise Past" imparts ambiguity and curiosity as the semantic trickery of the show's title echoes a Proustian contradiction, one that arouses the viewer. However, they must also contend with works that question the state of nature — as if looking to the past from 50 years in the future. After the Deluge establishes the first of many tentative moments. The handling of a High Amateur face with a single brush stroke is remninscent of a forgotten sketch left on Picasso's studio floor. Deluge introduces the tentative line accomplished by dipping paint on an illustration board and then applying it to the canvas without a ruler. The technique is implemented on several of Adams' canvases and reveals the unsteady, imperfect hand of the artist. We destroyed the things we loved, whose title means that destruction has already taken place, is the only work to include spray paint. Adams tags her own work, nearly destroying an à la prima glacier with the word "Albedo," a climatology term designed to measure the light reflected from the solar ice caps. The irony is reiterated by the fractured and drifting iceberg nearly obliterated by glistening silver spray paint. Adams' work celebrates the near-moment entangled in its own uncertainty, contradictions and possibilities.