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A. Moret - Writer and Art Critic

Marianne Mueller- Art Scene (March 2009)

Marianne Mueller’s photographs present bodies and locations that are dislocated, disconnected, and bare.  Many of the photographs have been blown up to glossy poster-size and are pinned at odd heights on the gallery walls, presenting the viewer with an awkward vantage point and establishing a forced distance between the surveyor and the surveyed.  Mueller expresses female vulnerability through the juxtaposition of black and white photographs of breasts, arms, and legs with an empty bathtub, and a vacant bed with sheets still creased from the night before.  The body is anonymous because the eyes are never photographed and thus a parallel is drawn between the empty vessel of the human form and the objects that surround her.  Mueller even photographs Los Angeles through a voyeuristic lens, recalling places once visited and now occupied by strangers. Mueller even photographs the exterior of the Kim Light gallery where he work is currently on display and thereby positions herself as an artist in Los Angeles, on the outside trying to introduce the work to the inside.