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A. Moret - Writer and Art Critic

Carlos and Jason Sanchez- Art Scene (April 2009)

DNJ presents the large-scale photographs of Carlos and Jason Sanchez which examine the familial and the personal.  The family fulfills traditional practices, and consoles each other during times of loss.  The individual however is left to navigate through the world alone when they seek to unmask their own identity. The photographs navigate the viewer through a Christening scene- a mother dressed in a sapphire blue garb that resembles the Virgin Mary and holds her child while he is blessed with Holy water.  What the parents and the Priest fail to see however, is the gaping bloody gash on the back of the child’s head. A masked figure admires his newly cut ski mask in a hand mirror; an estranged man walks in the woods over forgotten train tracks.  The deep focus and rich colors employed in Sanchez’s photographs simply ask: where do we fit in this world, and what is our place?