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A. Moret - Writer and Art Critic

Dan Graham- Art Scene (April 2009)

The MOCA presents Dan Graham Beyond, a diverse retrospective of Graham’s architectural models, photographs, film and video installations, conceptual designs for magazines, and writings.  The viewer is first confronted by three large-scale pieces of architecture constructed out of sleek metal and glass.  They require the viewer literally step inside of them and notice the perceptual shift that takes quickly place- Graham’s calculated positioning of the glass parts allows for the viewer to see what’s behind them, and then gaze into infinite space.  Beyond is entirely interactive encouraging the viewer to pick up headphones hanging on the walls to listen to performance pieces, or sit on small floor pillows inside partially enclosed units and watch Graham’s videos.  Perhaps the most engaging installation and the one that makes the greatest comment on technology is Opposing Mirrors and Video Monitors on Tims Delay (1974).  The viewer enters a room with mirrors on either end and two cameras, one facing in the opposite direction.  The viewer confronts their image on one mirror and sees a video of themselves on the mirror behind them.  Once the viewer turns around to acknowledge the other camera, the delay occurs- the viewer watches themselves in the present while facing one camera and sees themselves in the past on the other.