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A. Moret - Writer and Art Critic

George Tice- Art Scene (April 2009)

The works of “American Photographer” George Tice express a fascination between two wholly separate modes of life, the urban and the rural. Gallery one presents large black and white photographs of city spaces vacant of any remnants of human life.  A Mobil gas station is photographed beneath strips of glaring florescent lights, while an oil well looms ominously overhead.  An abandoned telephone booth is brightly lit on the side of an empty country road, and a carousel continues to operate despite the absence of children.  The smaller works of the Amish country however depict a flock of sheep concealed in a low fog, a lone horse grazing in vast acreage, and farmhands dutifully going about their chores.   A dichotomy herein lies with Tice- the city space is an empty concrete wonderland while the lonesome frontier is actually thriving with life.