That's A. Moret


A. Moret - Writer and Art Critic

Sky Burchard- Art Scene (April 2009)

Modeled after the linear geometric icons found in video games like “Super Mario,” the foam sculptures of Sky Burchard transport life size video game components into the real world.  All Year Round Falling in Love presents viewers with large foam sculptures that display meticulous skill and yet they are fragile to the touch.  Each foam sculpture corresponds to a small prototype in plexi-glass, which hangs on the adjacent gallery wall.  Burchard juxtaposes the different intricate shapes of each sculpture to a feeling- solitude, intensity, and isolation.  “Avoidance” is the only feeling not to be represented by a prototype.  The implication in Burchard’s work is that in an alternate, cyber world there is a particular signage to accommodate a virtual existence just as there is one to denote existence in the real world.