That's A. Moret


A. Moret - Writer and Art Critic

Walead Beshty- Art Scene (May 2009)

Walead Beshty’s show enlists photographs, a site-specific intervention of non-tempered glass installed throughout the entire gallery, a cinematic work called American Passages (2001-) and a public billboard on La Cienega Boulevard titled Dust.   Passages insists that we examine how interact and move through the transitory spaces of the modern world.  American Passages is a slide show of Beshty’s photographs- interiors of malls across America.  The American landscape reveals itself in these deserted malls- the shoddy architecture characterized by diamond patterned tiles, cylindrical columns, and pay phones that are few and far between. Beshty points out that malls are another example of spaces we move through, and spaces that are rapidly decaying. The main gallery is a series of large-scale photographs Beshty produced by going through an airport x-ray machine.  For nearly every photograph there is a positive and a negative--- the positive images provide the definition of floating objects, while the negative remains ambiguous.  When walking through the gallery, the tension causes more of the glass panels to break.  Just by visiting Beshty’s work we leave a mark by fracturing another area of glass.