That's A. Moret


A. Moret - Writer and Art Critic

Yi-Chen- Art Scene (May 2009)

The works of Yi-Chen in Beaut-esque present the viewer with a kaleidoscope of human and mammalian facial features, that are mixed and matched regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity.  The result is Yi-Chen’s very own creations, amalgamated forms collected from fashion magazines.  Perhaps Yi-Chen understood that the people presented in these magazines are not “real” anyway, just airbrushed and digital constructions that are then consumed by culture. The aptly named Beaut-esque, as the paintings depict subjects with noses that are not in proportion to their wandering eyes or large lips.  The figures are at once beautiful and grotesque, surreal and palpable. “Poolside” shows a couple with plastic bags around their hands, breathing through a plastic hose.  Their tan complexion should make them a model of perfect health, but they are decaying just as their fruit is hermetically sealed in a plastic sheet.  They are the Adam and Eve of a visually confused culture.  “Portrait of an Incomplete Idol” is a perfect summation for Yi-Chen’s body of work as he presents a Picasso-like profile of a woman dressed in a purple feather cocktail dress.  Yi-Chen has painted portions of her skin in darker tones inviting us into the anatomy of a mismatched woman.  Her enlarged lips can barely hang on her narrow face, one eye is extremely dilated with the other is concealed beneath a black eye.