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A. Moret - Writer and Art Critic

Jean-Marie Périer- Art Scene (June 2009)

The photographic reportage of Jean-Marie Périer at Fahey/Klein documents movie stars and rock stars and provides us with the ultimate First Person Access. Périer’s color portraits of the Beatles filed behind a red door of a London flat, a lonely Keith Richards strumming an acoustic guitar in empty theatre with gaudy yellow cushions, and Bob Dylan meditating over his guitar while another photographer catches a shot of him are just some instances captured by Périer’s lense- the photographs create pause, and nostalgia making us fall in love with these rock and roll legends all over again. Also included are portraits of actresses Brigitte Bardot and Sylvie Vartan lying on their stomachs- their fine blond hair and profiles are highlighted by the spray painted grass beneath them.  First Person Access is a celebration of celebrity and is a meditation on the influence that the subjects had beyond the world of music and cinema but they are forvever imbedded in our social consciousness.