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A. Moret - Writer and Art Critic

“Rock and Elegance”- Art Scene (June 2009)

George Billis’ group show Rock and Elegance celebrates LA Artists Larry Mullins,  Tony Brown, John Andolsek, Carol Charney, Timothy Nero, Julie Speed, Michael Salvatore Tierney, and Irina Alimanestinau.  Andolsek’s series of celestial bodies floating on a spray painted technicolored sky serve as the the keystone piece for the show. The graphic works of Larry Mullins reflect the grafitti culture in Los Angeles by skillfully combining stencils paints, creating canvases that look more like they were generated by a computer than by hand.  The show examines the visual culture of Los Angeles as well as the psychological nature of Angelinos.  Timothy Nero’s “Order to Chaos I” explores the chemical composition of a healthy and unquiet mind- half of the page is consumed by orderly strands of DNA while the opposite side is characterized by rapid strokes of a black pen.  “Rock and Elegance” gets part of its name from Michael Tierney whose high gloss digital images are framed within a custom sheet of acrylic overexpose objects and reduce them to their simplest form.  An empty hallway in a library is characterized by the oversaturation of light and color, revealing an absence of life.