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A. Moret - Writer and Art Critic

Andrew Schoultz – Artillery (July 2009)

A repeated motif of burning candles throughout the mixed media drawings and paintings of Andrew Schoultz shines a glimmer of truth on a world consumed by monetary value.  Consequently the candles also hold vigil for the natural world that was forced into premature obsolescence and has become hermetically trapped inside brick sarcophagi sectioned off by velvet ropes. White Noise and Silence: New Paintings and Drawings recycles an arsenal of images like rotting and barren trees that look as though they could snap like twigs. German and American currency is carefully camouflaged in the compositions to the point where they mimic the other materials that surround them.  Looking at Schoultz’s works becomes a scavenger hunt where the viewer must decipher between the art object and the currency used to purchase it. Schoultz imagines fantastical trees composed from spray paint, collage, gold leaf, while scraps of currency explode as if they were a light source that has shattered and splintered into hundreds of prisms.  By defacing international currency and intricately reappropriating it as a part of the composition, Schoultz strips the money of its value and renders it useless in the world of commodity and only useful in its appearance in his work.  The intricate collage work of Andrew Schoultz mutes the artist’s consideration of a national identity and its dissemination begs the question if it still exists.