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A. Moret - Writer and Art Critic

Bob Poe- Art Scene (November 2009)

Since its release in 2007 the Iphone has yielded a plethora of technological possibilities.  Bob Poe’s recent show “Illumination” curated by LA artist Lisa Adams demonstrates that the Iphone’s modest built-in 2-megapixle camera is a vehicle through which to engage in a new visual dialogue- between ways of seeing art through a technologically curious prism.  Poe’s use of the ubiquitous Iphone as a sort of camera stylo results in large-scale photographs adhered to canvases that resonate with Angelinos because the images capture familiar locations throughout Los Angeles and Santa Monica.  The portability of the Iphone lends itself to a spontaneous art practice, while the inherent limitations of the device itself produce unexpected renderings of once familiar objects.  “Illumination” reveals Poe’s fascination with the architecture of color as it is revealed in the fiery pixilated blurs from amusement parks, a cascading theatre curtain from a famed theatre which doubles as an architectural site with its rounded archways, and a bar lined with repeated incandescent green bottles.  “Illumination” speaks not only to the shared fascination in objects that light up whether mechanically or naturally, but shines a light on the conversation ignited by a common product like the Iphone being used as a means to produce art.