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A. Moret - Writer and Art Critic

Felipe Dupouy and Joshua Paul- Art Scene (November 2009)

The photographs of Felipe Dupouy and Joshua Paul are presented unframed and stagnated along the walls of the Clark Oshin Gallery causing the eye to constantly wander.  Paul captures the Arctic in vivid Technicolor assessing each detail of the splintering ice beneath the boat, to a fish frozen in a blackened stream.  The view from the deck of the Lancaster Sound, a massive expedition vessel, in an unforgiving sea of ice extending all the way to the horizon.  As “Ice Antler” suggests we are but a single fractured piece of ice wandering through the sea.  Felipe Dupouy’s prints of Downtown, Los Angeles demands that the viewer look up at the forgotten and intricate designs and friezes of Angelino architecture.  In photographing birds in flight, Dupouy seems to suspend their motion and alter the appearance of the buildings nearby to give motion to stasis.  The noir and science fiction effect achieved in his archival pigment prints such as “Icarus” photographed in a Dutch angle presents a formation of birds sweeping over a building that looks as though as it been electrocuted.