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A. Moret - Writer and Art Critic

Gerald Forster- Art Scene (November 2009)

German native Gerald Förster perceived sexual culture as repressed and taboo in America and his desire to bring it out of the shadows sent him in the streets of New York with an 8 x 10 inch film camera.  Förster’s C-Prints captures the urban landscape in deep focus while the subjects appear in a perceptual blur- their bodies so deeply tangled that they become one amaglamted form.  Taken at distant vantage points the photographs present Förster as the ultimate voyeur whose lens probes and discovers couples fornicating against parked cars, clinging to a chain linked fence, beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, and on a basketball court.  Three video installations accompany the photographs and are displayed in Lucite frames on the gallery walls.  The grossly pixilated video of couples screwing under streetlights is at once arresting and uncomfortable. Förster subjects his viewers to becoming voyeurs and engage in the same act of looking that he did in creating the series.  “Nocturnal” however is more an examination of culture than it is one of voyeurism. Förster solicited his own colleagues, friends, and people on the Internet to participate and they range in age from 18-65.  Their participation is realized as they have no shame in being fully nude and practice no discretion.  Real or staged, Förster establishes a hyper reality where the identity of the couples are so obscured that sexuality literally becomes part of urbanity.