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A. Moret - Writer and Art Critic

Tomoo Gokita- Flavorpill (November 2009)

Tomoo Gokita’s new body of work titled Heaven reveals an artistic practice that walks the tightrope between abstraction and representation.  Working only in blue and white acrylic, Heaven is as much about Gokita’s delicate paint application as it is about his fractured world, characterized by ambiguity and human organs assuming a mechanized function outside of the body. The work Eating Pleasure presents a voluptuous outline of a female body complete with a pair of 2 dimensional lips in place of a head.  The extremities of the figure are incomplete as the arms and legs come to a fine point with no articulation.  In her right arm the figure holds a head that fades into the recesses of the paint.  The beautiful mystery of Heaven is Gokita’s ability to crack an egg of suspicion over our heads while suspending the yolk.  In our efforts to penetrate the veneer of the paint, the yolk slowly washes over us further arousing our curiosities.