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A. Moret - Writer and Art Critic

Samantha Fields- Art Scene (December 2009)

Kim Light/ Light Box presents the gallery’s second solo exhibition “Containment” from Los Angeles based artist Samantha Fields.  Light’s new gallery is an intimate space that restricts the distance between art object and viewer, and is the perfect environ to view Field’s body of masterfully crafted works, consisting of 87 canvases all measuring 6’’x 6’’ occupying three of the four walls.  The small canvases literally engulf the viewer in an inferno of airbrushed images, a technique that demonstrates the artist’s high skill set and ability to transform photographs of the recent wildfires that devastated the Southern California landscape into paintings.  Fields’ ability to transform the terror of a natural disaster into something truly beautiful is testament to her connection with the scenes she photographed and the power to communicate through her medium.  In working with a uniform size of canvas, “Containment” mimics the way we receive visual information- as thumbnails on computer screens and icons on television.  The canvases all share the same title “Containment” and a number 1-87 and they reveal the stages of severity of a fire- flames delineate parts of a mountain side, plumes of smoke pollute the air, and the sky turns from a calming blue to a ferocious red.  “Containment” challenges the current manner in which we synthesize information about our world, and in turn the artist “contains” the horror and makes a disaster beautiful.