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A. Moret - Writer and Art Critic

Matthew Heller- Art Scene (January 2010)

In his show “The Great” Matthew Heller combines prose written a wavering line of the lines.  He writes “I have always loved walking with you those cloudy mornings, the sadness on a cloudy day dissolved with a walk…” the undulating rhythm of his poetic voice and the inherent flaw of his vernacular which has no regard for punctuation is perhaps what makes Heller’s work so endearing.  The viewer supplies the colors for the outlined figures, just as they insert in commas and periods while they read.  Crude acrylic renderings of hands unfolding over and over again never revealing themselves speak to the ambiguity of the poetry.  Heller writers “memories returning into the darkness, mystery will overtake the sky…” and so that mystery is the umbilical cord that runs through Heller’s rough use of pen and acrylic but it is the artist’s return to the “darkness” and embrace the unknown.  Inevitably Heller’s desires dictate the world of his work, and it is precisely the irresolute feeling that overcomes the viewer, that forces pause as they leave the gallery.