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A. Moret - Writer and Art Critic

Ned Evans "Inside the Prism" at William Turner Gallery- Art Scene (January 2010)

The fantastical spectral illumination of color fields captured by Ned Evans in his current show Inside the Prism recalls a childlike curiosity to make sense of the world through a kaleidoscopic lens.  Evans’ conscious use of his materials of acrylic paint and mixed media on canvas explore the relationship between colors beyond the rudimentary grouping of hot and cool colors.  With a heavy hand and wide brushstrokes the colors slowly bleed from one next to the next in a horizontal progression, as if manifesting themselves into a mirage for the viewer to take hold.  Perhaps the most ambitious work in show is “Curico” a large scale wood panel that the artist has literally chipped away and carved into, making the imperfections of the surface and the disparity of the mixed media elements the focal point.  The paint seems to decay in the gallery space and the large amounts of black used create a complete absence of color where the surrounding pieces are basking in it.  Inside the Prism speaks to the spectrum of light that the eye cannot penetrate, rather the amalgamation of color struggling to reveal itself in a raw manner.