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A. Moret - Writer and Art Critic

J. David Carlson and Michael Dotson- Art Scene (February 2010)

J. David Carlson and Michael Dotson demonstrate a shared sphere of influence in their shows at Lawrence Asher Gallery.  Dotson’s meticulous rendering of early video game fantasies demonstrate the artist’s keen ability to remove his hand entirely from his works and fool his viewers into thinking that the rigid and exact lines that occupy his canvases were generated from a computer.  The use of hyper primary colors and two-dimensional visions of video game scenes speaks to a nostalgia found in Dotson’s past and a consideration for the vision of the future.  J. David Carlson’s mixed media sculptures are inspired by the artist’s own love for toys and plays with their ability to humorously address issues like the temporariness of landscapes.  The “playscapes” are bona fide erector sets that occupied children’s imaginations, yet however intricate they are they can just as easily be destroyed.