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A. Moret - Writer and Art Critic

Richard C. Miller- Art Scene (April 2010)

Recognized as a practitioner of the color process known as cabro printing, a difficult process requiring the layer of cayen, magenta, and yellow pigment separations, the cabro photographs of Richard C. Miller depicted scenes of his young daughter Linda blowing a bubble, and a dotting housewife with a plaid apron tending to her child.  Included in the series are nudes, women in decadent hats, and images of Marilyn Monroe when she was still known as a Norma Jean Dougherty.  During 1948-1953 Miller’s black and white photographs of the Hollywood Freeway documented the construction of a monolithic steel highway set against the backdrop of a modest and emerging Los Angeles.  The black and white photographs document not only the construction of our current freeway system but guaranteed that the automobile would become a fixture in urban life.  Perhaps the most unique portion of the exhibit is a glass box containing Miller’s business cards, the model release forms for Marilyn Monroe, and glass jars containing what’s left of his original pigments.