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A. Moret - Writer and Art Critic

Lisa Adams- Art Scene (February 2009)

Lawrence Asher Gallery presents “The Future of Paradise Past” a solo exhibition by Los Angeles artist Lisa Adams.  Spectators are greeted by November 4, 2008, a celestial canvas with “86” rendered in throbbing red paint.  The title of the work refers to Election Day and we have 86ed one administration in order to bring in another and the moon and stars in the painting reflect a starry kind of trip we have all taken.  Profiles of birds and intricately laced floral arrangements are caught on either end of vines tangled in harmonious rapture.  Nature is not destroying itself in Adams’ work; rather it is rebuilding itself, reclaiming its place in a world where it once belonged.  “The Future of Paradise Past” is looking ahead to the future and looking back at the same moment, and nothing captures the artist’s dichotomy as her only work that uses graffiti called “We Destroyed the Things we Loved.”  A crystal blue glacier appears fractured and drifts aimlessly in the water beneath a canopy of vines similar to those frequently seen on the overpasses of freeways.  “Aledbo” appears in heavy-handed graffiti covering nearly the entire à la prima oil rendering.  The Albedo of an object is the extent to which it diffusely reflects light from the sun and is the light that is being reflected from polar ice caps.  By tagging her own canvas, Adams incorporates herself and her work into the fabric of Los Angeles, a city built upon a city, hidden behind graffiti and where against all odds vines continue to grow beneath the freeway.