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A. Moret - Writer and Art Critic

Raimonds Staprans- Art Scene (November 2010)

The recent work of Raimonds Staprans continues his exploration of quotidian architecture. He abstracts those forms with explosive color choices. “Dark Still Life with Two Glasses” meditates on Staprans’ style of delineating strict order in compositions and creating multiple spaces on the canvas with thick lines. Two glasses positioned at the far left end of the canvas glisten with a remarkable light despite the thick black line hovering above. The artist plays with the conventions of still life in presenting one glass as half full with water, while the other is empty. Perhaps a meditation on his long career as an artist, or simply a means to establish a contrast of light in the composition, the gesture seems a fitting message.  While his subjects are still lifes and landscapes, Staprans has the ability to infuse human qualities into otherwise inanimate objects. “A Somewhat Patriotic Still Life” depicts an empty glass jug and rectangular metal can with a nozzle. Once again grouped together at the far left end of the canvas, the bright light and concrete suggest the objects may be outside on a sidewalk. There is a distinctly somber tone in that the objects are vessels which contain nothing. Staprans is able to evoke a great sadness in his objects, which express a longing for and a rumination of the past, despite the beautiful light which embraces them