That's A. Moret

Installation Media


Curators for the digital age, working with artists, galleries & collectors.

Installation Media is a hybrid publishing and media company, as we are an in-house marketing team that collaborates with galleries to develop rich marketing strategies while producing original content. As our name implies we “ install” our creative energy within the gallery space and document a show from its inception to the moment the art is removed from the walls. The content we create is comisioned by our clients providing them with direct editorial acesss to sculpt a strategic message and convey the intimacies of art making. Like no other magazine or publisher, Installation Media believes in engaging in a dialogue with the leaders of the art community in order to produce curated, editorial content. Installation Media does not subscribe to the standardized practices of art reportage, instead we believe in creating a new manner in which we synthesize and converse.

The founding partners of the brand, Field Sells (Head of Visual Operations) and A. Moret (Head of Visual Operations), have the capabilities to produce all promotional materials, photography, text, and web design in house.

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